Optimization of pumping units

Tianxu Yan PhD

Research activities

  • Numerical analyses of the inflow influence on the instability of the pump system’s flow.

  • Flow instability of the pump with influence of upstream waves.

  • Ottimization of the Pump Unit.


The project is dedicated to the study of energy loss mechanisms in low head pumping stations and to the key technologies for comprehensive optimization. The research specifically includes: the mechanism of impeller inlet flow pattern on the pumping unit performance, the energy loss mechanism of the outlet flow channel, the transient characteristics during variable speed and variable angle regulation, the pressure pulsation characteristics of the pumping unit performance under unsteady state conditions, and the comprehensive optimization of the pumping unit. The final goal of this reseach is to understand of the effect of incoming flow on pumping unit performance and the energy loss mechanism of pumping unit components in low-head pumping stations, and to provide theoretical guidance for comprehensive optimization of pumping units to help safe and stable operation of low-head pumping stations. In addition, this research method can be extended to other rotating machines with practical applications


FacilityPump Facility

Mesh ToolsICEM


Post Processing ToolsANSYS


  1. Tianxu Yan,Baoyun Qiu,Jianping Yuan,Giorgio Pavesi,Fangling Zhao,Huijie Wang (2023) Flow State at Impeller Inlet: Optimization of Conical Frustum Section of Elbow Inlet Conduit in Large Low-Lift Pump Station.  DOI:10.1115/1.4056452. In J. Fluids Eng. Apr 2023, 145(4): 041201




Prof. Giorgio Pavesi

Prof. Giorgio Pavesi

Head of the TES Laboratories



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