Pump-Jet Propulsion

Research activities

  • Experimental test on Pumps-Jet Propulsion with different geometry

  • Numerical simulation with SST and LES turbulence models


Pump-jet, which is generally and widely adopted on underwater vehicle for application from deep sea exploration to mine clearing, consists of rotor, stator and duct, with the properties of high critical speed, high propulsion efficiency, great anti-cavitation performance and low radiated noise. The complex interaction of the flow field between the various components and the high degree of coupling with the appendage result in the requirements of in-depth research on the hydrodynamic performance and flow field for application and design.
Focuses on the pump-jet hydrodynamic performance, noise performance and flow field characteristics involving cavitation erosion and vortices properties of tip-clearance, the interaction between the rotor and the stator and the wake field, as well as the optimal design of pump-jet are concluded in the research.
Under the existing comprehensive background of green energy-saving environment, the application field of pump-jet propulsion technology will be evaluated to be expanded to the field of civil underwater propulsion.


FacilityPump Facility

Mesh ToolsICEM


Post Processing ToolsANSYS



Zhou Y, Yuan J, et al. Hydraulic model and design method of a new type of pump-jet propeller with movible flexible rear stator, 2022


Prof. Giorgio Pavesi

Prof. Giorgio Pavesi

Head of the TES Laboratories



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