Pelton Rig

PeltonJet Pelton

A test rig for research and development for Pelton .

  • State of the art research facility, utilizing the latest measuring instruments and technical advancements to produce data that easily and consistently complies with all IEC standards

  • Automated test rig processes and years of testing experience allow for quick performance assessment, potentially shortening development times without diminishing quality.

The flow simulation of Pelton turbines is by far the most complex and difficult of all hydraulic turbomachinery simulations. Pelton turbines involve multi-phase system of air and water that governs the formation of the free jet and the fully transient jet-to-bucket interaction. TES’s numerical development group has overcome the major problems of simulating free water jet and bucket flow for Pelton turbines even in cavitation condition. Simulation results and experimental data have shown a remarkable congruence supporting the designers for the development of new bucket profiles that result in improved performance.

Cavitation Pelton

Cavitation damage on the test case runner compared to the predicted
point of damage in CFD analyses