Optimization of cascading conduit

Optimization of cascading conduit

Hydro 2019 - Porto

Is it possible to numerically analyse the impact of the introduction of hydrualic turbines in a water distribution network? See the results of our analysis on the optimization of the energy recovery potential in a South African water distribution network in the paper presented at the HYDRO 2019 Conference in Porto (Portugal):

Van Dijk M., Van Vuuren S.J., Cavazzini G., Santolin A., Niebuhr C.M. (2019) Optimization of cascading conduit hydropower plants in a water distribution system. Hydro Conference, October 14-16, 2019, Porto, Portugal

The research project is of the TES research group (prof G.Cavazzini) in collaboration with University of Pretoria and 45 Engineering.

Presentation by eng. Alberto Santolin

Eng. Alberto Santolin presented our research project in Porto (HYDRO 2019 conference)