Research Topics

Research on kinetics over monolith reactors

Here is a list of our past and current research projects:


■ Experimental research in heterogeneous catalysis for process and environmental

   applications, for reactions with relevant industrial interest

■ Experimental and modelling activity about the exploitation of microwave heating

   for endothermic reactions

■ Experimental and modelling activity about safe management of silos used for

   organic powders storage

Flame-assisted synthesis of catalysts, perovskite-based, for the production both of

   active powders and monolith suitable as catalytic converters in automotive field

Modelling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers (SOFC/SOEC)

Combustion optimization of wood pellet to reduce CO and PM emissions

■ Design and realization of reactors to study the degradation of organic solids in

   controlled atmosphere

■ Investigation of kinetics mechanisms with transient experimental tests

■ Development of mathematical models for reaction kinetics, both detailed and


■ Modelling and experimental activity of smoldering of organic materials