Here is a list of laboratory equipment we have available at K-INNLab:


Laboratory equipment: Agilent GC 7820



Agilent GC 7820: gas chromatograph with 2 TCDs




Laboratory equipment: Agilent GC 6890




Agilent GC 6890: gas chromatograph with TCD and FID





Laboratory equipment: Shimadzu IrTracer-100


Shimadzu IrTracer-100: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer




Laboratory equipment: Hiden HPR20



Hiden HPR20: mass spectrometer



Laboratory equipment: TA DSC Q10




TA DSC Q10: differential scanning calorimeter with high pressure cell






Laboratory equipment: Alphasense electrochemical sensors



Alphasense electrochemical sensors: 11 different sensors, for O2, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, H2, CO, NH3, HCN, VOC and particulate matter




Laboratory equipment: CI precision microbalance



CI precision microbalance: high precision balance (1 µg) in which gas composition and temperature can be controlled




Laboratory equipment: Radwag PS1000.R2/PS2100.R2



Radwag PS1000.R2/PS2100.R2: analytical scales (precision 0.1 g and 0.01 g, respectively) with maximum capacity of 2100 g (one scale) and 1000 g (two scales)




Laboratory equipment: Radwag MA50/1.R



Radwag MA50/1.R: analytical scale (precision 0.1 mg) with internal heating, for determining moisture content




Laboratory equipment: Acculab ATL84I



Acculab ATL84I: analytical scale (precision 0.1 mg) with enclosed environment




Laboratory equipment: Seta flash active cool series 3



Seta flash active cool series 3: flash point analyzer