Heterogeneous Catalysis

reactor for testing of solid catalysts at high pressure

We specialize in design and activity testing of catalysts for several reactions of industrial relevance. Catalysts include precious metals and oxides, such as perovskites, in form of powders, pellets, monoliths.

The experimental campaigns we carry out include both application-oriented and model reactions on solid catalysts. Key applications are:

  • Chemical processes: H2 production (steam and dry reforming of methane/ethanol, water-gas shift, partial oxidation), carbon production/prevention/oxidation, biogas upgrading via CO2 methanation/reduction, aromatics cracking;
  • Environmental: automotive emissions reduction (3-way catalysts), hydrocarbon oxidation (CH4, soot precursors), NOx reduction;
  • Green chemistry: H2O2 direct synthesis, preferential CO oxidation (for fuel cells).

Model reactions (H2 or CO oxidation) are used for fundamental studies bridging surface chemistry and fluid mechanics, on model surfaces (single crystals).

Typically, we carry out the experimental campaigns in a fixed bed reactor. Novel reactors are also designed, including focused stagnation-point flow, micro-wave heated, and large scale photoreactors.

Combinations with gravimetric techniques allow for adsorption/desorption and carbon formation/oxidation studies.


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