Laboratory of Component Testing

Laboratory of Component Testing
180 m2

Hydraulic testing equipment

3 grooved restrain benches and 6 servo-hydraulic actuators

MTS 242 – 15 kN actuators
4 servo-hydraulic actuators, 15 kN each, 150 mm stroke

Italsigma – 10 kN actuators
2 servo-hydraulic actuators, 10 kN each

Pneumatic testing equipment

Modular test rig for light-vehicle chassis testing and 4 servo-pneumatic actuators

EnginLAB – 10 kN
2 servo-pneumatic actuators, 5 kN each, 100 mm stroke

EnginLAB – 5 kN
2 servo-pneumatic actuators, 10 kN each, 200 mm stroke

More equipment

Strain gauge and DAQ units

IMC CS-7008-FD, 8 channels
IMC Cronos PL2, 8 channels, shippable
Telemetry system KMT 8 channels
Somat eDAQ, 24 channels, shippable
Agilent Technologies HP 34970
Matelect DCM-2 Option 5 Direct Current Potential Drop (DCPD) method for crack growth monitoring
UPM 100, 40 channels, bench-top.

Software for structural FE analyses
Ansys® Mechanical APDL
Ansys® Workbench
Altair® Hyperworks

Software for 3D modelling
Dassault Systemes® Solidworks

Software for data analysis
imc® FAMOS Enterprise