The research activities in this area cover both scientific and technological aspects related both to capabilities of a set of micro-manufacture technologies (such as µ-EDM, µ-injection moulding, µ machining and µ-laser sintering) and to the development of innovative process chains for the manufacturing of micro and precision mechanical systems. 

Polymer Processing

The area of Polymer Processing is researching advanced capabilities in injection moulding, focusing on precision moulding process modelling and development, both at micro and macro scale, as well as hybrid forming process engineering. 

Precision Forming of Metals

The area of Precision Forming of Metals focuses on the most advanced aspects related to the physical and numerical modelling of net-shape and near net-shape operations in both bulk- and sheet-metal forming processes.

Manufacturing Metrology

In this area, current research lines focus on (i) coordinate metrology of complex and freeform shapes, (ii) multi-sensor and non-contact measuring techniques, (iii) advanced surface characterization, (iv) end-scale dimensional metrology, (v) optical systems for in-line quality control at elevated temperature and (vi) economic impact of metrology in manufacturing.

Industrial Computed Tomography

The area of Industrial Computed Tomography focuses on the most advanced aspects related to industrial applications of x-ray computed tomography, including geometrical metrology, product development, process optimization and failure analysis.

Machining of Difficult-to-Cut Materials

The area of Machining of Difficult-to-Cut Materials focuses on the most advances aspects related to the evaluation of machinability of materials (with particular reference to tool wear and machined surface integrity), optimization of machining operations, development of environmentally friendly lubricating-cooling systems (i.e. cryogenic cooling), and correlation between machining parameters and part in-service performances (i.e. fatigue resistance, tribo-corrosion,..). Materials of interest are high-strength metals, advanced polymers, reinforced polymers, metal matrix composites, fiber metal laminates.

Additive Manufacturing

Research activities in the area of Additive Manufacturing deal with several aspects related to capabilities of these technologies when applied to both polymers and metals, including geometrical accuracy, material deposition strategies and material-gradient parts.