Research Fellows and PhD St

PhD Students

Ali Beigzadeh

New technologies for smart and innovative production systems and materials

Nicolò Bonato

Enabling quality-enhanced advanced manufacturing by innovative metrological solutions

Kristal Bornilo

Development of silicone-free prefilled plastic syringes by compression moulding of micro-structured surfaces

Anna Bortoletto

Upcycling di polipropilene da raccolta differenziata urbana in una nuova generazione di compound ad alte prestazioni attraverso lo sviluppo di un sistema avanzato di produzione

Anna Bottin

Geometrical and surface characterization of cutting tools and parts machined through innovative approaches

Enrico Bovo

Development of Digital Twins for extrusion lines of PVC tubes

Lorenzo Didonè

Virtual experiments and Digital-metrological Twins in Coordinate Metrology

Edoardo Ghinatti

Production and machining of lightweight alloys and metal matrix composites

Alessandra Guarise

Environmental and energy sustainability of manufacturing processes using environmentally friendly lubricants in the Shape Memory Alloy study

Thiago, Linhares Fernandes

Enabling Industry 4.0 by fast and accurate CT metrology

Kai Liu

Manufacturing of microstructured surfaces for advanced functionality

Francesco Maciariello

Physical foaming of sustainable thermoplastic elastomers

Andrea Pieressa

Development of digital twins to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the injection molding process

Javier, Sánchez Prieto

CT-based adaptive advanced manufacturing and assembly

Filippo Mioli

Zero-Defect Additive Manufacturing process chains enabled by Integrated Metrology

Nicola Pozzato

Latest generation inserts to improve machining performance of nickel-based superalloys for aerospace applications