Nanomaterials Engineering Group

Design, synthesis and charaterization of nanostructured powder, film and composite materials






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Materials science and engineering are applied at the nanoscale to develop nanomaterials for specific applications. The NanoEnG group approaches the fabrication of nanomaterials through wet chemical methods starting from liquid solutions, such as sol-gel and other colloidal compositions

Latest News

International Sol-Gel Conference 2022

From 24th to 29th of July 2022, the Solgel 2022 took place in Lyon, France.Our group actively partecipated at the conference and contributed with two oral presentations by Maria Basso and Dr[…]

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Special Issue – 800 Years of Research at Padova University

Prof. A. Martucci (our group), Prof. G. Sparacino, and Prof. L. Vangelista are editing a new special issue on Sensors! This Special Issue aims to celebrate the 800 years of[…]

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Enrico Cescon Award – 2021 edition

We are very proud to announce that our former Ph.D. student Dr. Michele Rigon received the “Enrico Cescon Award” for his presentation “Nanostructured Metal Oxides Thin Films for Optical Gas[…]

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Ranked in Stanford study of the world’s 2% top scientists 2021

The study conducted by Stanford University recognized Prof. Guglielmi and Prof. Martucci as two of the world’s most-cited researchers in the field Materials. The authors created a publicly available database of over 100,000 top-scientists,[…]

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