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New Materials

Widening materials applications acting on technology

There are many materials with characteristics suitable for applications for which are not currently used: in many cases the limit is linked with high technological costs and low efficiency processes.
In the laboratory, some of these cases have been analyzed and a solution using electrothermal technology has been searched.
In the field of composite materials, epoxy resins are the most used for automotive components and aerospace parts but the curing time is long with traditional methods. The process of curing permits to reach the cross-linked structure thanks to which the resin can exhibit its good thermal and dimensional stability, rigidity, and high electrical, chemical and solvent resistance. Some experiments on the use of radiofrequency system to cure an epoxy based prepreg with carbon fiber have been performed and simulations on the induction heating of a mold to produce composite parts have been done to understand the feasibility of these applications.
High costs are also related to graphene production; the use of microwave heating for the reduction of the graphene oxide has been analyzed with fem simulations and then with experiments using a appropriately modified microwave oven.