Category: Collaborations

Feature paper on the Journal of Functional Biomaterial

The paper “3D Printing of Hierarchically Porous Lattice Structures Based on Åkermanite Glass Microspheres and Reactive Silicone Binder” published in cooperation of the FunGlass Center and the group of Prof. Bernardo has been selected as a feature paper and highlighted on the Journal of Functional Biomaterial (Q1). The present study illustrates the manufacturing method of…
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CerAMGlass / FunGlass cooperation highlighted in International Journal of Applied Glass Science

The cooperation of CerAMGlass members (Enrico Bernardo and Hamada Elsayed) with FunGlass centre (Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Slovakia), mainly focused on additive manufacturing of glass-ceramics and reuse of inorganic waste in new glass-based materials, has been further evidenced by the publication of several papers in a Special Issue of the International Journal of Applied Glass…
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STEM project for Rai Scuola

Progetto Scienza – STEM is Rai Cultura‘s information and scientific program, exploring the world of research and innovation in various fields of scientific knowledge. In the curse of several episodes, the program shows what science and technology can do to change the life of each of us for the better and how they can also…
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New printer in the house!

In the past week, we were pleased to welcome in our laboratories a new printer, the Xube. This machine is one of a kind in the field of volumetric printing, made by Xolo, a Berlin-based startup. Thanks to Niklas, one of the co-founders, for the special delivery!

On the cover of the Journal of Material Chemistry C

We are pleased to show to the latest inside front cover of Journal of Material Chemistry C, resulted from the collaboration between the authors of the featured review paper, Elena Colusso and Prof. Alessandro Martucci from the NanoEng Research Group, and our PhD student, Anna De Marzi! Many thanks also to Francesca De Marzi, FRAMAX…
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