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Featured in DIINFORMA n. 2/08

DIINFORMA is the quadrimestral journal highlighting the research activities of the Department of Industrial Engineering of UNIPD. The paper “Hybrid additive manufacturing for the fabrication of freeform transparent silica glass components” by A. De Marzi et al. and published in the Additive Manufacturing Journal (vol. 54, issue 5) is featured in the DIINFORMA issue of October. …
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Feature paper on the Journal of Functional Biomaterial

The paper “3D Printing of Hierarchically Porous Lattice Structures Based on Åkermanite Glass Microspheres and Reactive Silicone Binder” published in cooperation of the FunGlass Center and the group of Prof. Bernardo has been selected as a feature paper and highlighted on the Journal of Functional Biomaterial (Q1). The present study illustrates the manufacturing method of…
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Commentary on Nature Materials

Nature Materials News & Views published a commentary by Prof. Paolo Colombo and Dr. Giorgia Franchin entitled “Printing glass in the nano”. The article briefly discusses the evolution of glass additive manufacturing and the recent use of a transparent colloidal silica suspension in a 2-photon polymerization approach to produce complex truss structures and photonic devices…
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Featured in the Encyclopedia of Materials: Technical Ceramics and Glasses

Elsevier‘s Encyclopedia of Materials: Technical Ceramics and Glasses is the ultimate resource guide to these incredibly important and versatile materials. The book covers everything from the types, structures, mechanics and properties of ceramics and glasses, to the testing, characterization, modelling and applications of these materials.  Our fellow professors, Paolo Colombo and Enrico Bernardo, as well…
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Special Issue on “Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics”

Open Ceramics, the official, peer-reviewed, Open Access journal of the European Ceramic Society, published by Elsevier, invites research and review articles to be published in a Special Issue “Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics”, thus inviting you to submit your work to contribute to it. With this feature issue, the editors aim at gathering contributions…
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Open Ceramics journal

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Open Access journal – Open Ceramics – published by Elsevier. Congrats to Prof. Paolo Colombo for the Editor-in-Chief position!   Check out all about it =>

Published in the latest Ceramic International

We are present in the latest Ceramic International Journal – take a look at the work done by our fellow colleagues  =>