Thesis proposals

Prof. Nicola Bianchi

– Temperature estimation techinques for synchronous motor applications.

– Flux-weakening and sensorless control of wounded synchronous motors.

– Flux-weakening and sensorless control of hybrid excited permament magnet motors.

– Identification of the absolute rotor mechanical position by means of anisotropies design.

– Design and control of multi-phase motors.

– Design of multi-phase converters.

– Control of electric drives for bike or e-bike applications.

Prof. Luigi Alberti

– Thesis project.

– Thesis project.

– Thesis project.

– Thesis project.

– Thesis project.

Dr. Ludovico Ortombina

– Development of a model predictive control for a 3LT2 converter, implementing both current tracking and voltage capacitor balancing.

– Implementation of a pulsating injection sensorless control, with analytical controller design and torque disturbance observer.

– Implementation of a high frequency square wave sensorless control.

– Modelling of the rotating injection position observer using the modulation/demodulation theory.

– Development of a low-speed sensorless control without HF voltage injection.

– Estimation of the permanent magnet at standstill condition.

– Investigation of injection-based position observer instability in regeration mode.

– Estimation of Li-ion battery pack parameters to improve the charger performance.