Prof. Nicola Bianchi

Electric machine design and optimization

Prof. Luigi Alberti

Design of electrical machines and drives

Prof. Silverio Bolognani (retired)

Design an control of synchronous motor drives


Ludovico Ortombina

Predictive and sensorless control of electric drives

Paolo Gherardo Carlet

Predictive and data-driven control of electric drives

Alice Maimeri

Sensorless control of synchronous motors

PhD students

Luca Cinti

Design and control of hybrid excited  synchronous motors

Giuseppe Galati

Embedded control of three-phase and multi-phase AC motors

Elia Scolaro

Electric drives for agricultural machinery

Daniele Michieletto

Design  of synchronous motors through additive manufacturing

Andrea Ceccon

Design of wound rotor synchronous motors

Chiara Contò

Design and optimization of e-bike systems, with Fantic s.p.a

Matteo Beligoj

Vehicle and machinery eletrification
with  Jekko s.r.l