Padova, PD, 35131

Team Members

Our Team

Elisa Cimetta

Principal Investigator

Pina Fusco

Postdoctoral Researcher

I study cancer progression and dissemination using advanced 3D in vitro models

Sara Micheli

Postdoctoral Researcher 

I focus on the development of microscaled devices to study tumor behavior and its interactions with the microenvironment

Caterina Piunti

PhD student

I develop microfluidic platforms to study the role of EVs in cancer progression and as anticancer therapeutics

Noemi Torriero

PhD student

I employ 3D cancer cells cultures to characterize tumor growth and aggressiveness

Anna Fietta

PhD student

I develop multi-compartment 3D models to decode the mechanisms driving Neuroblastoma metastatic dissemination

Federico Maggiotto 

PhD student

I use 3D bioprinting to recreate vascularized mimics of human healthy and diseased tissues

Eleonora Zanrè

PhD student

I combine microfluidics and 3D models to study cancer behavior

Eva Dalla Valle

PhD student

I’m working on the development of a vascularized liver model using 3D bioprinting technology