The test room for the evaluation of comfort

The room with thermo-hygrometric control for the evaluation of comfort is a special environment where it is possible to control the main Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) parameters. For this purpose, each internal surface temperature (floor, walls, ceiling) can be managed autonomously. The ventilation rate can be controlled as well as the supply temperature and relative humidity. In the room it is possible to check the comfort conditions of occupants and their productivity.

The room reproduces the indoor workplace of an office. A panel of occupants performs tests and questionnaires.
The room is equipped with six independent radiant systems, one for each surface, in combination with a controlled mechanical ventilation system and is monitored through a multi-channel data acquisition system with integrated multi-sensor power supply system, with environmental sensors (globe thermometer, surface temperature, air temperature, humidity, CO2) connected to PLC programmable controllers. The room is set up with systems for natural and artificial lighting control, acoustic monitoring and it is equipped with a video images acquisition system which can be used during the experiments. A control room adjacent to the climatic chamber is equipped with: the heat generator and a thermal storage for the warm water; the chill storage for the cooling circuit (with remote water chiller); collectors and hydronic kit for the control of each radiant circuit; the ventilation system and related ducts; the central process unit of the PLC programmable controllers; the control and monitoring station; the data management hub with PC and backup system; the electrical panels.