Mechanism and Machine
Science and Applications

Research group on Machine Mechanics
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova - Italy


Kinematics, dynamics and control of mechanisms and machines. Industrial robotics and flexible automation. Vehicle dynamics. Modal analysis and vibrations.


Machine Mechanics, Industrial Robotics, Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems, Mechanical Vibrations, Vehicle Dynamics.


Design, analysis and optimization of machines, robotic systems and vehicles. Customized solutions and software tools for R&D and automated production lines.

Our approach to engineering research is aimed at the development of customized tools for advanced modeling, control and optimization of mechanical systems dynamics, through experimental observation and analysis.
Applications range from collaborative robotics to vehicles, from industrial automation to optimization and predictive maintenance of production lines, from rehabilitation and medical robotics to energy harvesting and control.


Dynamics is the key for deep undertanding and optimization of mechanisms and machines. The study of mechanical systems kinematics, dynamics and control is therefore the very first and fundamental mission of our research.


Results of theoretical analysis on mechanical systems kinematics, dynamics and control is translated into models and simulations to validate results, refine models and investigate their practical implications.


Experimental testing, validation and analysis of mechanical systems is one of our key expertise. Modal analysis, in-field dynamic testing of vehicles, mechanisms and machines, feasibility and analysis of robotic work cells and production lines are performed in our labs and at our partners’ premises.


One major goal of our research is the optimization of mechanical systems in terms of performance and efficiency. The algorithms and methods developed are implemented into customized software tools, which allow to translate research results into readily available added-value.

Our research is focused on three main research topics


Industrial robotics, flexible automation,
cobots, medical robotics, haptics


Motorcycle dynamics


Modal analysys and Mechanical Systems Vibrations

Padova hosted 2023 annual GMA meeting

On July 6-7 our group, with the colleagues of Vicenza, hosted the annual meeting of the Italian GMA (Gruppo di Meccanica Applicata). It has been an honor for us, and[…]

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MMSA Group does team-building

Professors, researchers, and PhD students have lived a good evening of team-building, racing one against the other at a go-kart circuit (at VKI Kart Experience) and having dinner together. The[…]

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9th CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on Vehicle Dynamics, Control and Design

Basilio Lenzo is coordinating a Summer School about Vehicle Dynamics, Control and Design. The summer school will be held from 4th September to 8th September 2023 in Udine. Both on-site and[…]

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BMD 2019

Bicycle & Motorcycle Dynamics 2019

The fourth triennial international three-day symposium on bicycle and motorcycle dynamics, BMD 2019, will be held at the University of Padova, Italy, September 9-11, 2019. The aim of this symposium[…]

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The Robotics Group awarded by EPSON-Europe

The Robotics Group headed by Prof. Rosati has been awarded ex-aequo the first prize of the EPSON Win-a-robot contest.

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EPSON T6 robot installed

A brand-new EPSON T6 SCARA Robot has been installed in the Robotics and Automation Labs of the Department of Industrial Engineering. The robot is the prize received for winning the[…]

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Quartodilitro wins the Best Industrial Project Award @Motostudent

The Quartodilitro Team heded by Prof. Massaro received the Best Industrial Project Award at the Motostudent International Competition.

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Selected former and current industrial collaborations