We work in the areas of inorganic and organometallic synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, and magnetic nanomaterials.

Current research topics

• Synthesis of Pt(II), Pd(II), and Cu(II) complexes with chelating, bridging, and water-soluble ligands (phosphines, diphosphines, carbazones, etc.) for catalytic or biological applications

• Preparation of ion conducting polymers for energy applications

• Up-conversion of waste materials through green chemical processes

• Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia

• Preparation of nanocomposites based on graphene and graphitic carbon nitride for water decontamination through photocatalysis or adsorption

• Study of the physic-chemical and antibacterial properties of nanocomposites

Research projects

Ongoing projects:

INAIL Bric 2022

PROTEZIONE – Progettazione, realizzazione, caratterizzazione e testing di nanocomposIti a base polimerica con proprietà biocide (National PI: Prof. Roberta Bertani)

CaRiPaRo Eccellenza 2019

SELECT – Selective catalysis in supramolecular confined spaces
(PI: Prof. Fabrizio Mancin, Group leader: Prof. Paolo Sgarbossa)

Department of Industrial Engineering SID 2022

PANDORA – Phosphazenes in metal-free carbocatalysis for advanced oxidation reactions
(PI Prof. Roberta Bertani)


Novel multilayered and micro-machined electrode nano-architectures for electroanalytic applications (Fuel cells and electrolyzers)
(National PI: Prof. Francesco Vizza, CNR-ICCOM, Unit leader: Prof. Paolo Sgarbossa)

Past projects:

(Under construction)

Department of Industrial Engineering SID 2016

Dielectric magnetic composites: tailored ferrite nanoparticles in composites for plasma source applications
(PI: Prof. Paolo Sgarbossa)