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Lanero, F., Bresolin, B.M., Scettri, A., Nogarole, M., Schievano, E., Mammi, S., Saielli, G., Famengo, A., Semenzato, A., Tafuro, G., Sgarbossa, P., Bertani, R. – Activation of Vegetable Oils by Reaction with Maleic Anhydride as a Renewable Source in Chemical Processes: New Experimental and Computational NMR Evidence (2022) Molecules, 27 (23), art. no. 8142

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Casella, G., Carlotto, S., Lanero, F., Mozzon, M., Sgarbossa, P., Bertani, R. – Cyclo- and Polyphosphazenes for Biomedical Applications (2022) Molecules, 27 (23), art. no. 8117

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Gayathri, S., Viswanathamurthi, P., Bertani, R., Sgarbossa, P. – Ruthenium Complexes Bearing α-Diimine Ligands and Their Catalytic Applications in N-Alkylation of Amines, α-Alkylation of Ketones, and β-Alkylation of Secondary Alcohols (2022) ACS Omega, 7 (37), pp. 33107-33122

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Barozzi, M., Copelli, S., Russo, E., Sgarbossa, P., Lavagnolo, M.C., Sandon, A., Morosini, C., Sieni, E. – Implementation of Magnetic Nanostructured Adsorbents for Heavy Metals Separation from Textile Wastewater (2022) Sustainability (Switzerland), 14 (18), art. no. 11785

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Alvi, A.R., Vezzù, K., Pagot, G., Sgarbossa, P., Pace, G., Di Noto, V. – Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Anion Conducting Membranes Based on Ammonium-Functionalized Polyethylene Pyrrole-Polyethylene Ketone Copolymer (2022) Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 223 (8), art. no. 2100409

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Past publications

Bresolin, B.-M., Sgarbossa, P., Bahnemann, D.W. – Synthesis of metal-free functionalized g-C3N4 nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic activity (2021) Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (6), art. no. 106389.

Bertani, R., Bartolozzi, A., Pontefisso, A., Quaresimin, M., Zappalorto, M. – Improving the antimicrobial and mechanical properties of epoxy resins via nanomodification: An overview (2021) Molecules, 26 (17), art. no. 5426.

Rosson, E., Sgarbossa, P., Pedrielli, F., Mozzon, M., Bertani, R. – Bioliquids from raw waste animal fats: an alternative renewable energy source (2021) Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 11 (5), pp. 1475-1490.
Rosson, E., Sgarbossa, P., Mozzon, M., Venturino, F., Bogialli, S., Glisenti, A., Talon, A., Moretti, E., Carturan, S.M., Tamburini, S., Famengo, A., da Costa Ribeiro, A.P., Benhabiles, S., Kamel, R., Zorzi, F., Bertani, R. – Novel correlations between spectroscopic and morphological properties of activated carbons from waste coffee grounds (2021) Processes, 9 (9), art. no. 1637.
Rosson, E., Romero, A.R., Badocco, D., Zorzi, F., Sgarbossa, P., Bertani, R., Pastore, P., Bernardo, E. – Production of porous ceramic materials from spent fluorescent lamps (2021) Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11 (13), art. no. 6056.
Natali, M., Tamburini, S., Bertani, R., Desideri, D., Mozzon, M., Pavarin, D., Spizzo, F., Del Bianco, L., Zorzi, F., Sgarbossa, P. – Novel magnetic inorganic composites: Synthesis and characterization (2021) Polymers, 13 (8), art. no. 1284.
Conte, P., Bertani, R., Sgarbossa, P., Bambina, P., Schmidt, H.-P., Raga, R., Lo Papa, G., Chillura Martino, D.F., Lo Meo, P.
Recent developments in understanding biochar’s physical–chemistry (2021) Agronomy, 11 (4), art. no. 615.
Leonetti, B., Perin, A., Ambrosi, E.K., Sponchia, G., Sgarbossa, P., Castellin, A., Riello, P., Scarso, A. – Mesoporous zirconia nanoparticles as drug delivery systems: Drug loading, stability and release (2021) Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 61, art. no. 102189.
Barozzi, M., Scotton, M.S., Sieni, E., Sgarbossa, P., Sandon, A., Copelli, S. – Magnetically separable nanoparticles for wastewater treatment (2021) Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, pp. 1033-1038.
Menegazzo, I., Mammi, S., Sieni, E., Sgarbossa, P., Bartolozzi, A., Mozzon, M., Bertani, R., Forzan, M., Sundararajan, R. – Single-sided time domain-nuclear magnetic resonance to study the effect of cell membrane electroporation on the water mobility in vegetal tissues (2021) Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 11 (6), pp. 14127-14141.

Sgarbossa, P., Ruggiero, M.R., Geninatti Crich, S., Forzan, M., Bertani, R., Mozzon, M., Sieni, E. – Biomedical Application of Fe-Mn Oxide Nanoparticles (2021) IFMBE Proceedings, 80, pp. 198-207.

Ribeiro, A.P.C., Spada, E., Bertani, R., Martins, L.M.D.R.S. – Adipic acid route: Oxidation of cyclohexene vs. cyclohexane
(2020) Catalysts, 10 (12), art. no. 1443, pp. 1-7.

Bresolin, B.-M., Sgarbossa, P., Bahnemann, D.W., Sillanpää, M. – Cs3Bi2I9/g-C3N4 as a new binary photocatalyst for efficient visible-light photocatalytic processes (2020) Separation and Purification Technology, 251, art. no. 117320.

Menegazzo, I., Mammi, S., Sgarbossa, P., Bartolozzi, A., Mozzon, M., Bertani, R., Forzan, M., Sundararajan, R., Sieni, E. – Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) to evaluate the effect of potato cell membrane electroporation (2020) Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 65, art. no. 102456.

Casella, G., Carlotto, S., Mozzon, M., Sgarbossa, P., Bertani, R., Casarin, M. – A DFT mechanistic study of the synthesis of trans-Z,Z-[PtIICl(NH3){HN = C(NH2)Me}2]Cl from addition of NH3 to trans-[PtIICl2(N[tbnd]CMe)2] (2020) Inorganica Chimica Acta, 511, art. no. 119847.

Tresin, F., Stoppa, V., Baron, M., Biffis, A., Annunziata, A., D’Elia, L., Monti, D.M., Ruffo, F., Roverso, M., Sgarbossa, P., Bogialli, S., Tubaro, C. – Synthesis and biological studies on dinuclear gold(I) complexes with Di-(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) ligands functionalized with carbohydrates (2020) Molecules, 25 (17), art. no. 25173850.

Rosson, E., Garbo, F., Marangoni, G., Bertani, R., Lavagnolo, M.C., Moretti, E., Talon, A., Mozzon, M., Sgarbossa, P. – Activated carbon from spent coffee grounds: A good competitor of commercial carbons for water decontamination (2020) Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 10 (16), art. no. 5598.

Ramachandran, E., Gandin, V., Bertani, R., Sgarbossa, P., Natarajan, K., Bhuvanesh, N.S.P., Venzo, A., Zoleo, A., Mozzon, M., Dolmella, A., Albinati, A., Castellano, C., Conceição, N.R., Guedes Da Silva, M.F.C., Marzano, C. – Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of novel Cu(II) complexes of 6-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline-3-carbaldehy de-4N-substituted thiosemicarbazones (2020) Molecules, 25 (8), art. no. 25081868.

Sieni, E., Sgarbossa, P., Mognaschi, M.E., Forzan, M., Parupudi, T., Mittal, L., Camarillo, I.G., Sundararajan, R. – Electric field distribution study in inhomogeneous biological tissues (2020) International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields, 33 (2), art. no. e2699.

Crich, S.G., Ruggiero, M.R., Forzan, M., Sgarbossa, P., Sieni, E. – Magnetic hyperthermia efficiency of Mn doped Fe oxides particles loaded into PLGA (2020) International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 63 (S1), pp. S123-S129.