Reaserch Laboratory

The research laboratory is equipped with various experimental resources useful for the investigation of the chemical and physical parameters of reactive systems, both in ordinary and critical operating conditions.
For this purpose, the group has calorimetric equipment to conduct adiabatic calorimetry investigations on a sample cell through the use of appropriate thermal profiles. From the response of the sample to thermal stress, it is possible to deduce important kinetic parameters and those related to the intrinsic safety of the reactive mechanism and any fugitive reactions that could occur.
For the modeling activity, the group has special computational suites including software for estimating the effects induced by explosions, fires and releases of chemical substances (DNV Phast, TNO Effects) as well as packages for conducting fluid dynamics and chemical investigations on systems even complex.

Thermal Screening Unit – TSU

Thermal screening of substances and reaction mixtures is a major constituent of chemical hazard assessment, both for the identification of process conditions under which a thermal explosion can occur, and for the definition of several safety parameters as Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT), heat of reaction, and kinetics parameters for the decomposition reaction more in general.

Calorimetric reactor

Reaction calorimetry is a method for development, scale-up, optimization, and safety studies in conducting a chemical process. Suitable for the analysis of processes characterized by a significant exothermicity and for the development of advanced control systems for chemical reactors.