Assessment and Management


Research center to design and test integrated tools and methods to support assessment and management of environmental, economic and social sustainability

Our Team

Padua University – Department of Industrial Engineering

Anna Mazzi

Associate Professor

Elena Battiston

Phd student

Caterina Barbiero

Phd student

Martino Oliboni

Research grant

Coordinated by Prof. Anna Mazzi, SAM.lab collaborates with public and private organizations and others research institutions, in the field of life cycle analysis, sustainability assessment, process/product optimization, supply chain management, circular innovation.

We design new tools and methods to improve sustainability

We develop tools for sustainability assessment, focusing on measurement and reporting of risks and impacts for the environment, health and safety
(sustainability assessment, circularity indicators, ESG reporting)

We design methods for sustainability management in operations and supply chain to optimize processes’ performance and support products’ innovation
(integrated management systems, input-output efficiency, supply chain optimization, circularity management)

We apply the life cycle thinking tools to support ecoinnovation of products and processes
(environmental-economic-social life cycle assessment)

We use the risk management approach to strategically reduce environmental-health&safety-economic risks and support organizational sustainability (environmental risk assessment, health&safety risk assessment, organizational risk management, strategic risk management)

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