Mechanical Bioengineering

Experimental and computational mechanics of biological tissues and structures


medicine and engineering combined together

The research activities of the BIOMEC group  are focused on the application of engineering methods for the optimization of clinical devices, as well as for the clinical and surgical procedures.

Our goals are achived through experimental analysis of the mechanical properties of biomaterials and biological tissues and computational modelling of biological tissues and structure.

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Scientific Reports

Biomaterials have allowed us to support or replace biological functions lost to traumatic injury, disease, or aging, and developments in tissue engineering have the potential to greatly improve the lifespan and quality of life among people with various conditions. These interventions might be thought of as making us “bionic” – having our capability or performance augmented or restored.
The Collection “Bionic humans” on Scientific Reports is open for submissions!

Call for Papers

The Second Edition of this Special Issue aims to expand upon the original collection of articles describing the current advances in bioengineering activities in the field of hollow organs functionality, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics and surgery.

Call for Papers – Frontiers

The deadline for the submission of papers to the Research Topic on “Mechanical behavior of hydrogels for soft tissue replacement and regeneration” has been postponed to April 30th, 2023.
You can still take the opportunity to submit your manuscript.