Research topics

The research activities carried out by the Chemical Bioengineering Group cover the following areas:

  • peptide synthesis, purification and characterization
  • investigation of structure-activity relationships in biopolymers
  • maturation process of pro-proteins
  • metallic, ceramic and polymeric biomaterials covalently and selectively functionalised with bioactive peptides
  • scaffold of self-aggregating peptides decorated with adhesive, growth or angiogenic sequences.
  • chemoselective ligation for the development of innovative biomaterials and in biosensoristics
  • model matrices for tumor tissues in the study of electroporation
  • quorum sensing in the design of antibacterial surfaces
  • peptide design for the differentiation of glioblastoma stem cells
  • design of anti-calcifying surfaces
  • functionalization with synthetic peptides of decellularized tissues
  • characterization and treatment of animal pericardium for the production of bioprosthetic devices
  • mechanical heart valve monitoring
  • design and development of hybrid membrane for the production of hemocompatible pulsatile chambers (Total Artificial Heart project)
  • Wavelet transform analysis of cutaneous microcirculation